VANFOOK Micro Jig Assist Wire Twin 1/0

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MJW-05 Micro Jig Assist Wire


Ideal for sharp-toothed game fish (Spanish mackerel, flatfish, etc.)!
The hook is a thick shaft type that can handle unexpected large fish. The assist line uses a hybrid wire "* Keprato Metal GX (100LB)" that is strong, flexible and difficult to kink. Keimura type tinsel strongly attracts the target.
Lineup of twin type (MJW-05) and single type (MJW-06).
* Keprato Metal GX: A NEW type hook thread with metal assist added to the suppleness of the fiber. It has high wear resistance and is suitable for fish with sharp teeth. (Made by YGK)

The perfect use for teethy fish games such as Spanish Mackerel, Flounder etc.
Also, it endures against even by a sudden hit of large fish due to using heavy wire.
Assist line: 100 Lb. Of “Keplart Metal GX” The Hybrid Wire from YGK.
Lineup two models for twin and single.
Micro Jig Assist Wire -Twin: (MJW-05) for both front and rear use.
Micro Jig Assist Wire -Single: (MJW-06) for rear use.

*2 twin Pcs Per Pack

*Split Ring Not Included

*Made In Japan