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We (John, Will and Chris) were on a fishing adventure 100 miles southwest of the Florida Keys fishing for Large Grouper, Snapper, Wahoo, Mahi, Tuna and other species when we met a fellow angler on the boat that made us totally re-evaluate the way we fished. We were using our typical bait, Goggle Eyes, Flying Fish, Speedos, Ballyhoo, Squid, etc and having good success. Typically we dragged several coffin sized super expensive coolers of the bait that we either had to catch, or buy for our usual 4-5 day trips.

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We saw this fellow with a little jigging rod and reel cast out into the drift using an odd shaped lure that we later examined and learned it was a Flat Fall jig. We watched as he calmly and slowly jigged off the bottom (at 400 ft !!!) and was hooking up within seconds ! We were amazed at being out fished by this method and when we moved to reposition we introduced ourselves and asked many questions and learned the rudiments of Flat Fall Slow Pitch fishing. We borrowed a jig from our new friend and tried Jigging for ourselves using our clumsy large Spinning rods.

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We were amazed, and we hooked up and landed Grouper, Tuna, Snapper with these Jigs by just moving them up and down in the water column. Both John and myself were hooked so to speak, and next trip we purchased jigs and added this new method to our fishing repertoire. Gradually we bought lighter jigging rods, smaller conventional right and left handed reels, purchased more (overpriced) Jigs. Jigging became our preferred and most productive method.

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Finally on one of our fishing safaris, we left all bait and cooler (and that expense) at home and boarded the boat armed with several small Jigging rods, and a box of Jigs. We had arrived, and proceeded to out fish our fellow fisherman !!!

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Next we wondered if there was a way to make our own jigs and be able to supply ourselves and others with quality fish catching Jigs at a better price than the only company currently stocking the shelves of our local tackle shop. With our team in tact JohhnyJigs.com was born and we strive to continue to evolve. Our Jigs are tested and used by us here in our home waters of south Florida and are proven to be highly effective and offered at a reasonable price to all our fisherman friends. Fish On !!!

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