Torpedo Sand Eel Slow Pitch Jig

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We had the North East US fishery in mind with this Torpedo model!

JohnnyJigs TORPEDO slow pitch jigs are the ticket! With an all new Sand Eel profile designed in house featuring a brilliant Copper/Gold/Green/Silver/White blended color scheme on holographic foil.


Available sizes: 100g/150g/200g/250g

With specifically tuna in mind the Torpedo is perfect for getting the jig down quickly and making it possible to fish in challenging currents and drift speeds. Balance weighted design allows the torpedo to fall horizontally and have a mild to moderate action under no line tension. This is also an excellent selection for mild current conditions as well as it has produced many trophy bottom species. Another must have in the jig bag for anything that you are fishing for.

*Assist Hook & Split Ring will be provided with the jig packaged separately