Temple Reef Elevate 2.0 Rod

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Introducing the Elevate 2.0 designed with Temple Reef's new Direct Sensory System amplifying blank sensitivity and enhancing feel.

Temple Reef has been at the forefront of slow pitch jigging with its Levitate and Gravitate series of rods, both of which have set the performance standard for which all other slow pitch rods are measured.  In 2021 Temple Reef introduced the Elevate.   Designed to provide the pure slow pitch experience at a more affordable price point, the Elevate is the gateway for every angler to have access to highly technical and capable equipment, at a price that won’t break the bank.  Featuring the newly adopted Neutral Spiral guide train that will allow line to return to center and rigorously tested in some of the world’s most demanding fisheries, the Elevate will bring your fishing to the next level.

Model Elevate E1 Elevate E2 Elevate E3
Power Light Med Light Medium
Action Slow Slow Slow
Length 6'9 " 6'9" 6'9"
Lure (g) 100-300 150-350 200-400
Guides Fuji KTAG Fuji KTAG Fuji KTAG
Guide Layout Spiral Spiral Spiral
Pack Length (cm) 157 157 157
Weight (g) 146 149 160

                       Temple Reef Neutral Spiral System Slow Pitch Jigging Rod Guides         Temple Reef Direct Sensory System Slow Pitch Jigging Rod Reel Seat