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Introducing the Maxel OMX S Series - Yes, Right Hand Only For Now

Color: Gold / Blueish-Gray

New for 2023 US distribution and availability is the Maxel OMX. The 40 series and 60 series we have available are in the "Speed Class" (S Series) versus the "Power Class" (P Series) but, like the Ocea Jigger HG or XG don't let the "Speed" lead you to think it doesn't have adequate power. With 5.8:1 and 5.3:1 gear ratios respectively with the 40 and 60 models they both offer 38" of line retrieve per crank an enormous drag capacity. 

The perfect reel for slow pitch jigging due to the incredible smoothness, narrower spool on the 40 and 60 models, long crank arm and power handle. With an ideal weight, compact body, and adequate line capacity fish these reels as deep as you want!

Features :

  • Lever controlled dual carbon drag
  • 9 shielded precision ball bearings.
  • Magnetic cast assist control on OMX40
  • Precision machined, rigid, one piece tempered aluminum frame
  • Super strong, cold forged aluminum spool and side plates
  • Smooth, high precision, heat treated stainless steel helical cut gears
  • Super precise, oversized, shielded stainless steel ball bearings
  • Carbon dual drag delivered wide range, smooth performance even when wet
  • Recessed stainless steel seat sits lower on rod
  • All models are silent line retrieve operation
  • Comes with Neoprene reel pouch
Model Gear Ratio
Line Capacity Line Retrieve Weight Drag
OMXS40MGDG 5.8:1 30/440 yds. 39.2 in. 18.6 oz. 48.4 lbs.
OMXS60GDG 5.3:1 30/640 yds. 38.8 in. 20.6 oz 52.8 lbs
Gray - Maxel Transformer 30H, 50H, 70H