JohnnyJigs Slow Jigger Elite Series Jigging Rod 6'9"

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Introducing the JohnnyJigs Slow Jigger Elite Series, a cutting-edge addition to our lineup inspired by the immensely popular Pro Jigger Slow Pitch Rod. Engineered with precision and loaded with features, this latest release is designed to elevate your jigging experience to new heights.

Key Features:

  1. Spiral Wrapped Fuji Guides: The Slow Jigger Elite Series is equipped with advanced spiral-wrapped guides, assist in preventing tip wrap, increased control, and reduced line friction, resulting in a more enjoyable experience on the water.

  2. Fuji Reel Seat: Crafted with a top-tier Fuji reel seat, this rod provides exceptional sensitivity and responsiveness, allowing you to feel every subtle movement beneath the water's surface, enhancing your chances of a successful catch.

  3. EVA Grips: Our rods are built to last. We've included premium EVA grips that not only offer superior comfort during those long hours on the water but also protect your investment when securely stowed in the rod holder.

  4. Color-Coded Power Bands: To simplify the selection of the right tool for the job, we've incorporated color-coded power bands. These bands make identifying the rod's power level a breeze, ensuring you choose the perfect match for your jigging needs.

  5. Optimal Length: Standing at an ideal 6'9", the JohnnyJigs SJE Series Rod strikes the perfect balance between action and functionality. Its versatile length makes it a go-to choice for jigging enthusiasts of all levels.

  6. Power Levels - Jig Rating :

    • Power 1: 200g Max
    • Power 2: 300g Max
    • Power 3: 400g Max
    • Power 4: 600g Max

Whether you're a seasoned jigging angler or just starting out, the JohnnyJigs Slow Jigger Elite Series offers a world-class fishing experience at an accessible entry-level price point. Elevate your jigging game and experience the thrill of the catch like never before with the Slow Jigger Elite Series from JohnnyJigs.