JJ Knot Puller

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Safer Knot Cinching with Our Innovative , Pocket-Sized Knot Tool!

This compact two-piece multi tool is your ultimate companion for securing line-to-line connections and other essential knot terminations. Also, featuring a durable closed loop on one end and a sturdy hook on the other for tying assist hooks with ease when crafting your own rigs.

Effortless Operation Saves Your Hands: Say goodbye to slicing your hand open and experiencing mind bending stinging pain the remainder of your day fishing. Our knot puller tool provides the perfect leverage to quickly and efficiently set your knots without damaging your hands.

Snagged on the Bottom: Not just for knot tying—this versatile tool also serves as a reliable anchor point for your mainline. If you find yourself snagged at the bottom, simply use it as a break-off point to prevent overstressing your reel causing unnecessary damage.

Compact enough to fit in your pocket, yet powerful enough to handle the toughest tasks, this tool is a must-have for every angler seeking to streamline their fishing experience. Don't head out on your next fishing adventure without it!