JigStar Tai Kabura Slow Pitch Jig Rod

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We are very excited to bring the experience of the New Zealand fishery to United States waters with JigStar!

The Tai Kabura was specifically designed for targeting bottom fish. Available in both spinning and conventional slow pitch models in the max jig size 150g (power 1).

It has a really beautiful chameleon green finish to the blank. The blank uses a new revolutionary graphite material by the Toray company of Japan called GRAPHENE. This results in a much lighter, stronger and more responsive fishing rod.
The Tai Kabura rods feature an exposed Fuji® Skeleton reel seat that allows for better bite detection and feel. It also features Fuji® ‘K’ Frame Alconite guides with stainless frame using minimal thread not to take away from the natural action of the rod.

 Model Length Pieces Max Jig Wt. Guides
TK603BL 6'3" 2 150g Spiral
TK603SL 6'3" 2 150g Spinner 


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