JigStar Slow Jerk Rod

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We are very excited to bring the experience of the New Zealand fishery to United States waters with JigStar!

JigStar is owned by Chris Wong who introduced slow pitch jigging to NZ in 2005. 

Slow pitch jigging has been fine tuned by JigStar and their rods are finally making their way to the US. They feature high quality Toray® Graphite Blanks, Fuji TCS Reel Seats, Fuji ‘K’ Frame Alconite Guides and custom componentry. Toray Carbon 30T and 40T slow pitch blank. They have beautiful action and put up against the New Zealand Fishery they are battle tested and proven!

*The two piece spiral wrapped Black/Red rod has a joint behind the reel seat to allow energy and feel from the reel to the tip uninterrupted! 

Model Color Pieces  Spiral Length Rating
SJ2603-2 Black/Red 2 YES 6'3"


SJ2603-3 Black/Red 2 YES 6'3" 160g
SJ2603-4 Black/Red 2 YES 6'3" 200g
SJB603-6 Black/Red 2 YES 6'3" 600g
SJ603-2 Black/Blue 1 NO 6'3" 120g
SJ603-3 Black/Blue 1 NO 6'3" 160g
SJ603-4 Black/Blue 1 NO 6'3" 200g
SJ603-6 Black/Blue 1 NO 6'3" 600g


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