Johnny Jigs Heavy Duty Split Ring Pliers

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These heavy duty split ring pliers with sheath and lanyard will be among the best split ring pliers you will ever use and don't cost an obnoxious amount! High Quality, heavy duty, and teflon coated. They wont bend or flex sideways as other pliers eventually may. Their tapered nose is ideal for getting in and opening even small split rings. A must have for any Jigger !

Details / Specs :

  • Ideal for #4-#6 split ring sizing
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • TPR Treated for saltwater resistance & durability  
  • Tungsten Carbide Side Cutter Inserts 
  • Length: 7" 
  • Ultra-tapered head & ergonomic rubber handle grips  
  • 4 Centered Hook slots for easy access & perfect knot cinching
  • New locking feature to store pliers closed when not in use