Gamakatsu 620 HD Assist Hook

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When you pursue the fish of a lifetime, chances are it’s going to be really, really big; and have really, really, really sharp teeth. Take no chances! We call these “heavy-duty” Assist 620 hooks but they’ll live up to tenacious-duty, gargantuan-duty or leviathan-duty equally as well. There’s nothing stronger. One-piece solid rings make connections easy. Rigged with 270 (5/0, 6/0 sizes) and 400 (7/0, 8/0 sizes) lb. test polyethylene cord. Available in 6/0 to 8/0 in packs of one.

1 pc per pack
Corrosion-proof tin
Attaches through jig eye or ring
Super-strong braided line loop attaches to any jig
Obverse barb ensures a solid hookup and won't nick leader