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The TITANRIDER is designed for weedless-style rigging of large soft plastic baits such as big swimbaits and tubes. It is the recommended hook to rig NLBN 5" Paddle Tails and 5" & 7" K-Tails

5/0 - NLBN 5" Paddle Tail & 5" K-Tails

10/0 - NLBN 7" K-Tail

The hook is equipped with a locking spring that securely holds baits in place and allows anglers to easily add or remove soft baits.

An adjustable silicon stopper keeps soft plastics in position during casting while allowing for sliding down the hook when fish strike.

Furthermore, a deep throat features a much longer hook point section that penetrates farther into the fish’s mouth for a more secure hookset.

BKK’s unique Super Slide coating of the hook enhances penetration capability and reduces friction to the minimum level.

The TITANRIDER is the best hook for those anglers that do not want to compromise on the hook up rate when weed-less fishing with soft plastic lures.

Gray - BKK SF LENTUS L Twin Assist Hook