BKK SF LENTUS L Twin Assist Hook

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The BKK SF Lentus L heavy slow jigging hook is specifically developed to target deep water fish and is designed with a heavy gauge that can buffer the run of big fish.

The hook comes equipped with BKK fluorocarbon assist cord that ensures a proper orientation of the hook, improving its penetration performance and providing a well-balanced flexibility to the cord. Besides, BKK deploys a special forging process that reduces the possibility of the fish’s skin being torn off during long fights.

Furthermore, in order to secure the line in position, the hook features a flat shank design.

BKK’s razor-sharp Cutting Delta hook point and the Bright tin coating technology further enhances the hook’s penetration performance and corrosion resistance.

*Split Ring Not Included

Gray - BKK SF LENTUS L Twin Assist Hook