Daiwa Seaborg 300J/400J Warranty

Johnny Jigs offers In-House warranty coverage on the Daiwa Seaborg 300J electric jigging reel!

30-Day - Full coverage of this reel from the date of purchase - We will replace this reel at no cost. Please contact us to arrange having your existing reel sent to the Johnny Jigs shop. 

1-Year Limited Coverage equaling 50% replacement on the price of purchase for 1-year from the date of purchase. Please contact us to arrange having your existing reel sent to the Johnny Jigs shop. 


If you are considering this reel, congratulations, you are among the few that are really pushing the boundaries of jigging! We look forward to much continued development in this concept!

With the Seaborg series, Dawia is quite advanced with micro electric jigging.

However, having participated in a lot of collaborative work with Daiwa as we adopt micro electric jigging reel use particularly for deep drop application here in the United States - we have discovered the main culprits of small electric reel malfunction when being used for the purpose of deep water jigging. 

1) Locking drag down when stuck on bottom and motioning to break the line or pull the hook can exceed limits on the construction of the reel and result in mechanical and/or electrical malfunction. The user manual actually identifies this and warns against this practice! Use a tool to wrap your braid and tension the line to the point of break off, not the reel.

2) Casting jigs which result in the clutch closing causing a snap back of the jig (or a break in the line if the knot gives :) can also exceed the pressure limits the reel has internally causing mechanical and/or electronic malfunction. The Seaborg has both an auto-engage as well as a clutch engage button. We often find ourselves using heavy jigs (500g) and wanting to cast them to buy ourselves some decent time to counter drift speeds. If you are aggressively casting a heavy jig and experience the clutch closing you may cause damage to the reel! Hone in your casting skills, start small, and work at being fluent and smooth!

3) Rinsing the reel with heavy water pressure can get water to the internal electrical components of the reel that should not get wet. Rinse softly and lightly with fresh water and use a reel cleaning lubricant.