Temple Reef Pixie Light Jigging Rod

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Meet the Pixie, Temple Reef's latest entrant into the realm of light jigging rods.  Why did we engineer the Pixie this way, and what advantages does it bring to your fishing experience?

In the past, ultralight jigging rods were predominantly parabolic designs, primarily aimed at smaller fish species.  However, when we set out to design the Pixie, we had a dual objective: to create a rod that caters to Small Rod enthusiasts and those seeking to reel in Big Fish!

As a result of our endeavors, we’ve developed an incredibly lightweight blank that defies conventional expectations.  This blank demonstrates remarkable agility when handling small light jigs and possesses the backbone necessary to tackle larger game fish confidently.

Weighing in at a mere 105g (3.75oz), Pixie Spinning best pairs with a 2500 or 3000 reel, and Pixie Conventional best pairs with a 15 / 1500 / 300 size reel, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

The secret behind the Pixie’s exceptional performance lies in its construction.  Crafted with a meticulous blend of high-modulus carbon fiber for a perfect balance of sensitivity and strength to ensure that every subtle movement and nibble is transmitted with remarkable clarity while providing the necessary power to control and land sizable catches.

The Pixie is outfitted with high-quality components to ensure uncompromising quality and reliability.  Every detail has been meticulously chosen, from the Fuji KW Alconite guides to the Fuji reel seats to enhance your fishing experience.

The Pixie is not just another rod – it’s a testament to our commitment to innovation and performance, designed to elevate your light jigging game to new heights.

Model Pixie 62S Pixie 62B
Piece 2 pcs butt joing 2 pcs butt joing
Length 6'2" 6'2"
Weight (g) 106 114
Pack Length (cm) 134 134
Guides Fuji Alconite Fuji Alconite
Guide Layout Spinning Neutral Spiral
Lure (g) 60-140 60-140

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