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Descending devices are required on board and readily available while fishing for or possessing Grouper-Snapper species in the South Atlantic effective July 15th, 2020. SeaQuilizer has great tools to encourage best fishing practices! 

Choose Between:

SeaQuilizer Descending Device:

The Deep SeaQualizer Descending Device can be set to release at 100', 200', or 300 feet and can be used to release fish caught in water up to 600 feet. As a rule of thumb fish should be sent back to at least 1/2 the depth at which they are caught.


SeaYaLater Release Hook:

The SeaYaLater fish release hook is a great economical alternative to any of our SeaQualizer models. We reinvented the release hook to enable anglers to release fish more effectively. This is all thanks to our patent pending slide swivel technology which ensures that the fish will not fall off the release hook before it should. Anglers will now have the ability to successfully release fish using the hook method no matter the fishing conditions. The SeaYaLater fish release hook will get your fish back down to the depth it came from.

Click Here! NOAA Fisheries Requires Descending Devices for Snapper & Grouper Species!


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