Pro Jigger™ Single Assist Hooks With Triple Split Ring

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Introducing the JohnnyJigs JJ 2-Pack of Feathered Single Assist Hooks, where form meets function to elevate your fishing game. Crafted with precision and care, these hooks are meticulously designed for anglers who demand the best.

Our Feathered Single Assist Hooks are meticulously crafted from premium PE cord material boasting a formidable 300lb test strength. The secret to their outstanding performance lies in the marriage of this high-strength cord with an exceptionally sharp bent eye hook featuring an octopus beak design.

But we didn't stop there – these hooks are a work of art in themselves. A mesmerizing play of holographic thread and ultraviolet reflecting foil adorns the hook's surface, meticulously secured with expertly-woven bloodline thread. The result? A visual masterpiece that's as alluring as it is effective.

Whether you're an experienced angler or just getting started, these premium assist hooks are your go-to terminal tackle for slow pitch jigging. Unleash their power and watch as your fishing adventures reach new heights. With JohnnyJigs JJ Feathered Single Assist Hooks, excellence is the only option.