Oceans Legacy Elementus rod 6'1

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Oceans Legacy Elementus Deep Jigging
Custom rolled specially constructed reinforced with Cross Core Carbon 40t Toray High modulus fibres to create our Elementus blanks. The Elementus blanks are 6’1” in length to provide additional pitch whilst in the depths. Our Elementus design is built with power and torque in mind for deepwater & Dog tooth slow pitch jigging. All rods feature quality Fuji components including Fuji reel dps seat and specially designed locking nut & Fuji double foot KW Alconite guides which have been built with a spiral guide concept. Our Elementus series has been extensively tested with jigs to 1kg for Hapuka, Greyband Cod, Bass Grouper off the coast of Western Australia in 300m and beyond and also tested on Dog-tooth tuna off Christmas Island.

Model Type -  Length -  PE Rating -  Jig Weight 
ELDS-B61H Overhead 6'1" PE 4+ 180g - 500g 
ELDS-B61H+ Overhead 6'1" PE 5+ 300g - 700g 
ELDS-B61H++ Overhead 6'1" PE 6+ 400g - 1000g 

ELDS-S61H+ Spin 6'1" PE 5+ 300g - 700g 
ELDS-S611H++ Spin 6'1" PE 6+ 400g-1000g