Johnny Jigs Hooked Up Belt

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Elevate your passion for Fishing and Slow Pitch Jigging with the Johnny Jigs branded belt! Crafted for both style and function, this lightweight and durable belt offers simplicity and reliability. Whether worn casually day-to-day or during offshore adventures, it's versatile enough to secure your plier holster for intense fishing sessions. In emergencies, transform it into a trusty tie-down strap. Embrace the essence of fishing with a belt that seamlessly blends fashion and utility.

  • 46 Inch Total Length
  • Fits up to 40 Waste Size
  • 1.25" Nylon Blend Fabric Strap 
  • Certified BPA free (Bisphenol-A free)
  • Metal Free/Nickel Free Plastic Oval Slide for a hassle free airport and travel experience, and hypoallergenic for users with a metal allergy
  • Machine washable for an easy cleaning - just include belt with clothing when washing!
  • Made in USA from Global Materials