Daiwa 24 Outrage Popping Rod

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2024 iCast Release!

Jigging, popping, or slow-pitch fishing, the New Outrage Rod series has you covered. Purpose built Popping models give anglers the perfect amount of length and action for effective casting and popping while also giving the angler the power they need to fight.

The Outrage rods feature our HVF Nanoplus graphite blanks for optimal sensitivity and power while lightening the overall weight, this helps reduce angler fatigue during those long days on the water. X45 construction serves anglers by reducing blank twist and improving casting accuracy.

Fuji K guides enhance durability and complement the use of heavy or light braid lines and Fuji MN guides, featured only on the Popping models, compliments casting distance and durability. Whether you find fish busting up bait on the surface or orienting a piece of bottom structure, the Outrage series has you covered.


OTR82HFS 8'2" 65lb Max 120g 2 Fuji® Alconite K Guide
OTR82XHFS 8'2" 80lb Max 150g 2 Fuji® Alconite K Guide