Daiwa Harrier X Jigging Rod, Spinning, Rod (Choose Type)

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We manufactured a versatile jigging rod destined to be a part of your saltwater arsenal, the HARRIER X. It is a multi-purpose rod designed for the hottest new techniques in jigging with flutter and knife-type jigs as well as traditional treble hook jigs. In southeast and northeast fisheries, ideal for all types of bottom fish jigging. In northwest fisheries, perfect when jigging for halibut, lingcod and rockfish.

HRX58HS H R 5'8' 1 65-120 100-250g 6 Spinning

HRX58XHS XH R 5'8' 1 65-150 120-300g 6 Spinning

HRX66MS M R 6'6' 1 30-65 50-160g 7 Spinning

HRX66MHS 6'6'' MH 80-200G Spinning

HRX66HS H R 6'6' 1 65-120 100-250g 7 Spinning