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We (John, Will and Chris) were on a fishing adventure 100 miles southwest of the Florida Keys fishing for Large Grouper, Snapper, Wahoo, Mahi, Tuna and other species when we met a fellow angler on the boat that made us totally re-evaluate the way we fished. We were using our typical bait, Goggle Eyes, Flying Fish, Speedos, Ballyhoo, Squid, etc and having good success. Typically we dragged several coffin sized super expensive coolers of the bait that we either had to catch, or buy for our usual 4-5 day trips.

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We saw this fellow with a little jigging rod and reel cast out into the drift using an odd shaped lure that we later examined and learned it was a Slow Pitch jig. We watched as he calmly and slowly jigged off the bottom (at 400 ft !!!) and was hooking up within seconds ! We were amazed while being out fished by this method. When the boat moved to reposition, we introduced ourselves and began asking questions!  We began learning the basics of Slow Pitch Jig Fishing with an impromptu on the water crash course. We borrowed a jig from our new friend and tried Jigging for ourselves using our clumsy large Spinning rods in a bit of disbelief.

2 Anglers Slow Pitch Jigging the Bow of a Center Console boat


It was incredible. We hooked up and landed Grouper, Tuna, and Snapper with these Jigs by just moving them up and down in the water column. We became hooked and our next offshore trip we purchased jigs and added this new method to our fishing arsenal. Gradually we bought softer action jigging rods, smaller conventional right and left handed reels, purchased more jigs. Jigging became our preferred and most productive method.

Johnny Steadham and Chris Doyle with Queen Snapper and Snowy Grouper Slow Pitch Jigging.           Will Crane with Yellowedge Grouper Slow Pitch Jigging

On one of our next fishing voyages, we committed to leaving the bait cooler (and that expense) at home and boarded the boat armed with several slow pitch specific jigging rods and a bag of Jigs. It can be a daunting transition but, it completely paid off and we have not looked back since!

Johnny Steadham Golden Tilefish Deep Drop Slow Pitch Jigging

In 2017 Johnny Jigs Tackle was born. We have developed into a full scale tackle shop located in Pompano Beach, FL specializing in the art of slow pitch jigging. We carry the best tackle being used for slow pitch jigging from around the world as well as our own manufactured line of official Johnny Jigs Fishing Tackle.

Johnny Jigs Tackle Shop in Pompano Beach, FL and the Johnny Jigs Team

We strive to continue to evolve, innovate, and fully commit to Slow Pitch Jigging and the use of artificial sub-surface jigs and lures. Our tackle is tested and used by us here in our home waters of South Florida and the places we travel to thereafter. Our products are proven to be highly effective and offered at a reasonable price to all our fisherman friends. We pride ourselves in being a one stop jig shop and will take the time to share our knowledge and experience with you.

One More Drop is our Mantra. Jig On!

Johnny Jigs Dusky T278 Dusky Center Console Boat Slow Pitch Jigging Machine!