Gamakatsu 720 Heavy Duty

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Gamakatsu calls the Assist 720 hooks “heavy-duty,” but that’s an understatement with these bruisers! The made in Japan, Gamakatsu Assist 720 Heavy Duty is the ultimate in big game fish rigging and uses an ultra-strong, incredibly sharp Gamakatsu saltwater hook. A four-strand braid of abrasion-resistant polyethylene cord provides a whopping 880-lb combined test strength, while the ring makes it fast and easy to connect the assist hook to the jig eye using a split ring.

The first fish that comes to mind when we look at these hooks is big boy tunas. We all know that the triple digit Bluefin tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, or Bigeye Tuna can can slice through assist chord. The Gamakatsu 720 Heavy Duty Assist has a braided chord making it extra abrasion resistant. As for the wire thickness, it's on the heavy side giving you the ability to break the will of the fish if needed.