VANFOOK Jigen Long Twin Assist Hook

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 *3/0 only size available currently*

The Jigen Long Twin Assist Hooks are the best twin assist for longer jigs like the Torpedo.

It has moderate tension and flexibility in assist cord at the same time despite the length, that enables to prevent from entangling with jig due to fluorocarbon core has inserted in the cord.

Each hook is independently tied on a quality stainless steel solid ring, which allows the hook points to be turned inward to help reduce tangle or out to improve hook-ups.

You can maximize the jig movement by rigging with another Jigen Twin Assist series onto front or rear depending on the situation such as Jigen Short Twin / Jigen Light Twin / Jigen Long Twin.

*2 Pcs Per Pack

*Split Ring Not Included

*Made In Japan