Assist Hook Tying Kit

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Get started tying your own quality assist hooks. Starter Kit includes: Vanfook Jigging Assist Line, Johnny Jigs 4/0 Assist Hooks, Triple Wrap Super Split Rings, and Solid Rings.

Complete 10 sets with this kit and have cord left over for approximately 15 more


  • 15 Ft  of 1.0MM High Mogulus Dyneema Line
  • 20 Stainless Steel 4/0 Johnny Jigs Assist Hooks featuring a pre-bent eye and Curved Point
  • 20 Triple Wrap Super Split Rings with 135lb pull strength
  • 20 Solid Rings 8mm OD 

Be sure to watch our JohnnyJigsTV video on Youtube "How To Tie Assist Hooks" CLICK ME->   Word - Assist Hook Tying Kit