Pro Jigger™ Wire Core Twin Assist Hooks with Split Ring

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Never lose another Wahoo, Kingfish, or any toothy predator with our Wire Core Twin Assist Hooks. Johnny Jigs introduces the ultimate defense for your angling adventures.

Crafted with a unique hollow PE cord featuring a robust wire core, these hooks are designed to withstand the fiercest battles. What sets them apart? The flexible wire core doesn't compromise the natural action of your jig, ensuring you'll still have that enticing motion that fish can't resist.

The paddle end of the hook adds to its streamlined design, minimizing water resistance and maximizing your control. But that's not all – our hooks are also a visual masterpiece. Adorned with mesmerizing holographic thread and ultraviolet reflecting foil, they'll undoubtedly attract the attention you desire.

When it's toothy fish you're targeting, trust in Wire Core Twin Assist Hooks to be your ultimate safeguard. Elevate your game, and let your next catch be a trophy worth remembering.

Two Per Pack