JigStar Battle Royale Rod

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The Battle Royale is our 5'2" flagship model featuring Fuji PSS reel seat, Fuji SiC guides and custom componentry to create a stealthy modern classic with eye-popping Chameleon paintwork and custom cosmetics.  The blank also features Nano technology which effectively improves blank strength and resilience.   As the name suggests - here is your weapon of choice when taking on reef thugs or deep water 'dozers.

The Battle Royale is very competitively priced and comparable to the very best rods on the international market.

 Model Length Rating
Conventional 5'2" 150g-400g
Conventional 5'2" 200g-500g
Spinning 5'2" 150g-400g
Spinning 5'2" 200g-500g