OCEAN DEVIL Silk Ocean CAST Premium PE line for SPINNING (White Braid)

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The newest SPINNING/CASTING addition to the incredible Ocean Devil Silk Ocean line! 

Silk Ocean Cast is made in Japan from the finest Dyneema UHMWPE raw material.

Silk ocean Cast White is a pure braid with no coatings or additives, silk like feeling as the name and smooth surface for improved casting distances. Our unique process of production combined with the highest quality of raw materials from Japan developed by OceanDevils R&D team, will make sure you as an angler enjoy the lowest diameter braid while having the highest brake strength on the market. Each batch of line that comes off the braiding machines gets tested for quality, diameter size and strength making sure Silk Ocean Cast is the very best braid available. Our tests show with Silk Ocean Cast you will get the best of both worlds, Lowest diameters meaning more line on your reels while delivering impeccable strength giving you the confidence to hook up big! 

PE Size Diameter Test lb
2 0.20mm 41.9
3 0.26mm 55.1
4 0.29mm 70.5
5 0.33mm 83.8
6 0.38 97
8 0.42 109


Made In Japan.