Big Tuna Assist Hook Tying Kit

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Tie the same hooks we used that performed perfectly on our San Diego Bluefin Tuna Trip on the Polaris Supreme. Kit includes: New England Ropes SK99 Dyneema, Johnny Jigs 5/0 or 6/0 Slow Pitch Jigging Assist Hooks, #6 Triple Wrap Super Split Rings, Solid Rings, and Rigging Needle.


  1. Depending on length of hook you want cut between 8" & 9"
  2. Fold the cord so the end you are entering is 1cm longer
  3. Open the needle catch and begin threading
  4. When threading needle - pull from the base of line (where you entered) and push the bottom of the needle
  5. Exit the needle from the fold you created
  6. Thread the solid ring onto the tag end
  7. Latch the opposing tag end to the needle and pull through the core 
  8. Milk the splice down
  9. Snell Knot around the shank of the hook
  10. Melt the tag end of the snell knot and pull tight


  • 12 ft of 600lb 1.0mm SK99 Dyneema single braided cord
  • Choose 5/0 or 6/0 Johnny Jigs Slow Pitch Jigging Hooks featuring a Pre-Bent Eye and Curved Point (5/0 - Qty 16 | 6/0 Qty 10)
  • 20 Triple Wrap Super Split Rings with 200lb pull strength
  • 20 Solid Rings 8mm OD 
  • Rigging Needle

Be sure to watch our JohnnyJigsTV video on Youtube: 

"How To Splice A Single Slow Pitch Jigging Assist Hook"

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