SPATHE Slow Dance Rod

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Introducing the NEXT Spathe series SPJ Rod:

Slow Dance In-Line Slow Pitch Jigging Rod *NO GUIDES*

We proudly introduce the Spathe Slow Dance, a true masterpiece crafted with advanced technology and exceptional craftsmanship. This rod offers an unparalleled jigging experience, combining finesse, precision, sensitivity, and remarkable smoothness. Notably, it can also be utilized as a light jigging rod, further expanding its versatility and appeal.

Elevate your jigging game to new heights with the Spathe Slow Dance In-Line Rod. Join the ever-growing community of jigging enthusiasts who rely on Spathe to enhance their angling pursuits. Experience the artistry of slow-pitch jigging like never before and embrace the journey of precision and finesse.

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Model I II III
Piece 2 (2/3 Joint) (2/3 Joint) (2/3 Joint)
Length 6'0" 6'0" 5'8"
Action Moderate Slow Moderate Slow Moderate Slow
Lure (g) 120g-200g 160g-260g 200g-320g
Weight (oz.) 5.29 5.36 5.47
Pack Length (in) 54 54 54