Temple Reef Levitate Ti

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The Temple Reef Levitate is the flagship slow pitch jigging rod. The action is unparalleled, and provides multiple options for the angler to select their desired action tone depending on the conditions of the day. Unlike traditional slow pitch rods, the Levitate is a hybrid length of 6’8, allowing for technical slow pitch movements but it can also accommodate long fall techniques. It is light, powerful and excels from shallow to very deep water slow pitch jigging. The Levitate is a go-to rod for many in nearly every condition.

*Benny Ortiz edition  features redesigned guide train by Benny and some cosmetic upgrades.*

Model Ti 68-1 Ti 68-2 Ti 68-3
Guides Fuji Titanium SiC Fuji Titanium SiC Fuji Titanium SiC
Type Slow Pitch Jigging / BC Slow Pitch Jigging / BC Slow Pitch Jigging / BC
Piece 2B 2B 2B
Power Light Light Med Medium
Action Slow Slow Slow
Length 6'8" 6'8" 6'8"
Line na na na
Lure (g) 100-300 150-400 200-500
Max Drag @45º (kg) na na na
Pack Length (cm) 157 157 157
Weight (g) 154 156 164