Pro Jigger 9x Multi-Color Braid 40lb

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Johnny Jigs 9x Pro Jigger Multi-Color PE braid is now available in 500M spools of 40lb test. The 9 strands of tightly woven fibers give this line a perfectly round profile. The result is a stronger, softer, and smoother line which is more sensitive. Pro Jigger PE Braid is easier and more effective for Slow Pitch Jigging.



  • .32mm diameter
  • 9 strand line tightly woven fibers
  • Perfectly Round Profile
  • Strong and Smooth
  • 10M per color (32 feet)
  • Actual Break Strength test avg: 47lbs

**We have 3000M spools of 15lb and 20lb test line at the shop for spooling reels in house. If you are interested in alternate lb. test come visit us or send an inquiry**