JohnnyJigs Adventure Combo Package (Rod, Reel, Line, Jigs, Pliers)

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Looking to get into Slow Pitch Jigging but don't know where to start? Booking an adventure on a multi-day trip? This Johnny Jigs Adventure Package is a quality value setup to get you started. Get everything you need to be successful on your jigging adventures.

Over $100 in savings!

Power 1 & 2 Includes:

  • Johnny Jigs Slow Jigger Elite 6'9" Jigging rod (You choose rod power level)

    • Power 1: Max 200g *Rod Says 150g
    • Power 2: Max 300g *Rod says 200g
  • Daiwa Saltist 15H

  • Spooling with Premium Braid 30lb

  • 12 Miscellaneous Jigs

  • 12 Twin Hooks

  • Split Rings

  • Ball Bearing Swivels

  • Jig Pouch (holds 12 jigs)

  • Heavy Duty Split Ring Pliers with Case

Power 3 Package:

Includes everything above however, due to lack of inventory of the Elite Power 3 we are substituting this package with the 6'0" Mustad G-Series MH - This rod states Max 500g however, we feel it is most effective from 200g-400g

*Please specify the area and depths you are fishing in the notes at checkout*