JigStar Solid 8 Ring

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We are very excited to bring the experience of the New Zealand fishery to United States waters with JigStar!

Do you prefer to not use a swivel among your terminal tackle? Jigstar Solid 8 Rings are perfect for attaching assist hooks and jigs together. Made from quality one piece 304 stainless steel with smooth round edges for reliable knot strength. Designed so that the jig and assist hooks can be attached to separate rings, or alternatively the knot of the mainline can be attached to the top ring, allowing the jig and assist hook to be attached to the lower ring. This ensures less chance of the mainline being negatively affected by the jig / assist hook attachments.

Size Length  Large Ring Dia. Small Ring Dia. Quantity
Medium 17.4mm 10mm 7.6mm 14
Large 19.4mm 11.2mm 8.4mm 12