Jigging Master Wiki Violent Slow Lever (3000H Right )

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High-strength, ultra-smooth, handling, violent slow-speed iron plate special reel The
new generation of WIKI 2000H reel, named "WIKI VIOLENT SLOW JIGGING REEL", the style is 2000H (1:5.3) / 3000H (1:5.3) ) / 5000H (1:5.0) and high-speed ratio 1500XH (1:6.3) / 2000XH (1:6.3)/ 3000XH (1:6.3) A total of 6 models have left and right hand promotion respectively, and the era of independent manual wiring has come. , The best choice for novices, and a good helper for veterans to increase their skills!
In the overall texture improvement, aluminum oxidation, bright colors, forging craftsmanship, smooth gears, push rod feel, free line cups, all use the JM PE reel. Advanced technology, and transplanting the synchronous cable technology of the JM UNDERHEAD reel to the violent style reel, it is a new avant-garde product that is not currently on the market.

  • Synchronous level wind system.
  • Superior JM drag system that is robust, reliable, and water-proof.
  • Integrated bottom lock. (Strength 50+kg/110 lbs. up)
  • Copper driven gear for stable and robust level wind system.
  • Military grade steal guide claw & amp ; double helix wind.
  • Adjustable line-guide to keep line synchronous.
  • Optimized disassembling guide claw nut.