Centaur Anglers Choice Chiron Slow Jigging Rods

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 Centaur, Anglers Choice CHiron Edition Jigging Rod is an upscale Jigging Rod made with the Finest materials and components to ensure a high quality experience for its Anglers!


Toray Carbon

Aviation Aluminum  Alloy

Fuji Guides SIC 

3d Aluminum Crafted Parts

EVA Grips

Adjustable Butt Weights (Not available in light series)


Centaur Anglers Choice is not only a brand but also a manufacturer.Our products are designed by a team of experienced anglers, and are manufactured in our 140,000sqm factory with the latest technology, most advanced machines, and highest quality of materials, and components. The products are also tested to ensure quality assurance.
       Our goal is to introduce and to provide the best performance tackles and gears to every types of fishing and every levels of anglers. From affordable to high-end, you can be assured of our products' quality, so you can concentrate on catching your trophy fish.