Super Sonic "Freak" Multi Colored Slow Pitch Jig

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Belonging to the SUPER family, the Super Sonic features a "scoop" or "spoon" design which triggers its directional flutter action. This mold with its Multi Color Circus Freak palette has been a proven effective Slow Pitch Jig on both bottom and pelagic species. Although, this Slow Pitch Jig does not have UV glow it features a brilliant firey foil that is more than enough to get the attention of predatory fish. This Slow Pitch Jig most effective in water depths ranging from 100ft-325ft. 

ACTION: Moderate/High 

The SONIC line has a fall pattern we call "Directional." Attach with tapered side up and the "spoon" side down. When falling under no tension the jig will scoop and shoot in the direction it is pointing like the pattern of a stair case until tension is re-achieved on the mainline. Because it is keeled it also offers a side to side wobble however, it's action is largely in the direction the spoon end of the jig is pointing.

The concept of this style jig is to mimic a wounded baitfish that still has enough in them to be attempting to escape but, not enough to still be an easy snack for a predatory fish. 

*Assist Hook & Split Ring will be provided with the jig packaged separately